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A new year and a new wheel!

Posted on Jan 3, 2011 by in Spinning | 0 comments

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone.

Well as Christmas’s come and go I have to say that this Christmas I think that due to the horrific weather everyone who wasn’t able to go out and shop as learned a valuable lesson (no, not go and do it earlier) but that Christmas is NOT about presents. I like to think that for this reason this Christmas was more about the things that are more important…family time 😀

Hubby however decided to get me a new spinning wheel for Christmas which was awesome, however due to the crappy weather my new baby didnt turn up until December the 30th which was a lovely post-Christmas surprise.

My new wheel is a …..(drumroll)……an Ashford Country Spinner..WOOOOOOOP!!

So far I’ve spun up 4 lovely skeins of yarn and am seriously in love with the double treadle, I think a trip to Fiddies in Cardiff is in order soon as I really want to get a wax to finish the wheel (even though I should really have done this before I put it together..oops!)

Also, Hubby was only saying that Christmas isnt the same without having to put something together while someone bounces around over excited…wrong!! that was me when he was doing my wheel :D. Poor hubby was so serious because he didn’t want to mess anything up and he had me bouncing around like Tigger in the background asking “Is it done yet?”

Aaaaaanyhow enough of my ramblings heres a photo of my new baby..

I’snt he puuurdy? the two marks on the pedal to the left are where I oiled the hinges, because the wood is so dry its kinda sucked up the moisture…do’h. Thats why I need to get wax and finish him 😀

And lastly but not least here are a few shots of my new “yarn babies” that I spun using my new wheel.

Blank Canvas, a bulky spun merino yarn 162yds

Souk Market, Merino and Angelina – Chunky spun yarn 228yds

Caramel – Chunky spun Merino and Firestar – 145yds

And lastly, Zombie – chunky spun Merino with Angelina – 158yds

Stay tuned for more yarny adventures 😀

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