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A Year Ago Today!

Posted on Aug 15, 2010 by in Life | 2 comments

It was a year ago today that me and Hubby took “the Vows” and got married. Its come around so fast it only feels like a few months ago. Traditionally it is our 1st anniversary which means its a paper one. Hubby presented me with a handmade card, complete with hearts in the colour of our wedding theme (which was red and white). He also got me a years subscription to my favourite knitting magazine to “extend” the paper gift. I on the other hand stashed his card in the cupboard with the loo rolls in the hope that he would find it, as I kept joking that I was going to give him a toilet roll and only the night before had I gave him a complete sob story that I hadn’t got him a card. Our Anniversary came and I strategically placed his card in the morning, however, 5pm came and still he hadn’t discovered it but managed to tell my nan and his parents that I had forgotten his card so after enlisting his mum and dads help and completely making up a story which was aimed at him looking in the loo roll cupboard asap the card was eventually found 🙂

The best thing about having an anniversary, (other than a lovely hubby of course) was that I also still have my wedding flowers. This was due to the fact that I decided to knit them. I wanted tulips but unfortunately tulips aren’t available in August, so after much debating and internet searching I found the perfect tulip patter which was designed by Nora Bellows of Noni.

Here’s a Photo of my flowers..

And heres a photo of us as the happy couple…

I also knitted the flowers for my two bridesmaids and the buttonholes for immediate family etc.
I decided to knit multi-coloured flowers for my bouquet as lots of bright happy colours were the theme of the day. I also knitted each buttonhole to co-ordinate with each family members outfit. Hubby however had a cream buttonhole and my two uncles , ushers and best man had red buttonholes to tie in with the bridesmaids red and white knitted roses.

I asked my two uncles to give me away as I would never have been able to pick between them both. I would have in this instance asked my big bro to give me away, but hubby had already snaffled him as his best man due to them being school friends.

Here’s a photo of my bridesmaids 🙂

The lady on the left is my mate Diane and the flower-hog on the right is my chief bridesmaid Liz. Its really funny because after all the effort I took to knit the flowers i think theres more photos of Liz with them than me, well I did tell her to make sure they were looked after and in all the excitement I forgot to hold onto them for photo opportunities…….Do’h!!

Last but not lease I think my fabulous shoes deserve a mention, In homage to all things romantic I chose a pair of shoes with red love hearts on them. They were by Irregular choice and I bought them at Schuh in Cardiff about 6 months before the wedding. I also bought ribbon off Ebay to bind the bouquets together to go with the heart theme. Hubby also sent me a lovespoon as a present before I left the house for the church, which was quite funny because I unbeknown to him sent him one too!

Here’s a piccy of my shoes

At least the shoes also go with the cake, Hubby’s mum made all the cupcakes and top tier for the wedding

Anyway in homage to our anniversary I’m also in the middle of spinning up an anniversary yarn, which consists of left over heart ribbon, sequins from my flat wedding shoes which I wore during the evening. red felt hears and sparkly beads which came as extras incase any fell off my wedding dress… stay tuned as when it’s finished I’ll post piccys.

Just one last message….Happy Anniversary Hubby x x x x


  1. Lovely idea to knit your bouquet. Like your blog and website. I would like to put a link on my Facebook page but not sure how to do this. Did you set these up yourself?

    I enjoyed your thoughts re carders. I have an Ashford and agree with your comments. What wheel would you recommend for spinning chunky yarn? I have an old Ashford Traveller which I am attached to but it has it’s limitations. Or perhaps that’s me. I am off down to Woolfest in Cumbria in a couple of weeks time and hope to purchase a new wheel. That said I would like one I could fold and carry over on the ferry to mainland Orkney.

    All the best


    • Hi Sandra,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post about drum carders, If I had the opportunity I would probably have kept my Ashford as well as the Louet, but space is an issue here as my stash of fibers is ever increasing 🙂

      Spinning chunky yarn is one of my favourites, although I’ve never used an Ashford Traveller before. You can however get a bulky flyer to fit onto you traveller if that is a better option than buying a new wheel?

      If you have your heart set on a new wheel however, my favourite travelling wheel which was also great for chunky yarn was my Ashford Joy I bought the freedom flyer to go with it, as you get a bigger bobbin so you can fit more yarn onto it, also its great for Art Yarn.

      I hope this helps 🙂


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