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Posted on Feb 29, 2012 by in Life | 2 comments

Gosh! is it a New Year already? It seems as though I was only just thinking about the build at Cluckingham Palace and then WHAMMY! its built, the chooks old and new are in and we’re getting eggs like no ones business!

I’d be fibbing if I said that it was an easy build. Hubby however, has excelled in his woodwork building type skills but, I still wish I had somewhere proper to sit with the girls when I get a chance to spend time with them.

Anyway enough with the boring blab about building, I bet you want to see the how the girls are settling in and also their new friends that have moved in with them.

Here’s the palace in all its glory with Dotty, Betty and Mildred who were its first residents.

and here are the newer residents all settled in after their two week pecking order ordeal back last October, which was dubbed “The fortnight of torture” by me as just watching my girls fight was upsetting especially when Mildred launced a scathing attack on poor little

Firstly the Amazing Olive who is a Magpie Chicken

Then there’s Florence the Bluebell

Vera, who is also a Bluebell

And lastly but by no means least, Deirdre the little Speckeldy who, incedently is the baby of the bunch as she was only 10 weeks old and clearly not at point of lay, as indicated by her seller.

And here’s one of what I like to dub as “the usual suspects”

Clearly she who is amazing is not camera shy!! can’t think where she gets it from……


  1. Love them! You make me want to keep hens. It’s a pity you can’t shear them then spin their feathers.

  2. Well they will have their first moult this year so maybe I can pick up some of their longer feathers for spinning, once they’ve been washed 😀

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