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Cluckingham Palace, It begins…..

Posted on Sep 18, 2011 by in Life | 0 comments

So we’ve had our chicken’s for 10 weeks and their all laying and settling in nicely. At first we weren’t sure how we would take to looking after our feathery friends but, we have no regrets and a day hasn’t gone by where they haven’t kept us amused. So with this in mind and after a long discussion me and hubby decided to move the current coop with our ladies in over onto the lawn and build a newer, bigger chicken coop and run which we’ve dubbed “Cluckingham or Peckingham Palace”.

Now with the bigger build in mind comes the question are we going to have more chickens, well of course we are 😀 the question is what kind? well we’re not really sure yet, however we’ve got our hearts set on having 3 little chicks and raising them, then when their old enough they can join the other ladies out in the palace. The only drawbacks of chicks? they may all turn out to be roosters, in which case we can’t keep them all and I know that my brother would happily solve that problem for me, but the question is, could I stand aside and watch one or two or all three of my hand raised babies go to that big chicken coop in the sky? no probably not!! but then again the chances of them all being girls are the same in which case yaaaay!

I haven’t really managed to take many photos as yet but I DID manage to take a photo of the space that we’re going to build on (which is where the coop is in the “our new friends have moved in” post stood originally).

I’m really looking forward to posting week by week updates on the build is progressing right through to our current ladies moving in and to whatever we decide to do about their three new potential friends….keep tuned for more Chickeny updates 😀

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