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Its arrived…Whoop!

Posted on Jul 23, 2010 by in Fiber preperation | 1 comment

Photographs of drumcarder taken courtesy of Carwyn Lloyd Jones  –

As you can see from my recent lack of posting, you can assume that my first tour- de fleece has pretty much sucked!! I haven’t really been able to make time to spin 🙁 which makes me a little sad, but happy as I get to spend time down the beach with hub messing around with kites and buggys. On the upside I am making progress with my lacy Wrap, which I’ll post piccys of when I have a bit more on the needles 🙂

Since hubby took up kite-buggying, he’s realised that I don’t get much time to spin whilst I’m down the beach with him, So in an effort to ensure that I’m able to have time for my hobby, he bought me a….wait for it..Drum Carder!!.

It was ordered on Monday, and after a minor mix up with the delivery address, It arrived down my nans today. Ive had a bit of a tinker with it this evening and so far so good, I’m becoming addicted to Crazy Carding 🙂 The only downside I can see of drum carding is I may become lazy (as its definately quicker than hand-carding even though i find hand carding very calming.) Also at the rate I’m shoving fibre through it, I may run out soon!!

I had a voucher for £25.00 to buy fibre from the place where it was purchased so my order has been posted to them today…yaaaay more fibre I can hear hubby sighing as I type 🙂

I’ve got an Ashford 72pt 2 speed carder and I’m very, very happy with it, heres a few photos of my first drum carded batts

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