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Laminaria – My first lace project

Posted on Jul 28, 2010 by in Knitting | 0 comments

I’m happy to report that my lace wrap is really coming along nicely, I say this as I’m really quite surprised that I’ve managed to make it this far considering I’ve always hidden away from anything lace related. I picked this pattern as a first go as I was drawn to the colour and the pattern, although I was worried that it would end up as a UFO due to sheer frustration, I’m happy to say that it is progressing very nicely.

The photo below was taken just before I finished the last repeat of the star chart.

The yarn is Knitwitches 3ply Heavyweight 100% cashmere and the colour is called “Jungles” It followed me home from Wonderwool in April and as soon as I saw It I knew I had to knit a wrap with it so the hunt began and there, on Knitty was the Laminaria pattern.

At the moment I’m now currently working on the Transition chart so to prepare me for any whoopsies I may make whilst working the chart I have put a lifeline into place so if I do make a boo-boo I can just simply frog it back to a row which I know is o.k.

So to sum up, for someone who doesn’t knit lace, rarely uses circular needles or uses any yarn below a chunky grade I’d like to say whoooyaaa!!!!!

Stay tuned for the next update……..

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