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Learn to spin workshops

Learning a new skill can be an exciting and scary prospect. I remember my first spinning wheel lesson, I was excited and petrified, but with a little help and understanding that petrified feeling is quickly forgotten as your winding off your very first skein of handspun yarn amongst others who feel exactly the same.

I run a number of workshops, from a basic learn to spin workshop on a wheel or spindle to creative art yarn workshops, where the traditional ideas of spinning are pushed to the limits, in order to create something truly unique. I’ll guide you through the process  from preparing your fiber  through to the techniques that are needed to create  either your first handspun yarn, or your first creative yet functional artyarn.


Photograph by Carwyn Lloyd Jones

Workshops are perfect for up to 12 people, you’d be surprised at how much fun and fiber mischief can be accomplished in a day, also one of the best parts of a workshop is not only the skills that you take home  its the friends that you make too!

  • Learning to spin on a drop spindle
  • Learning to spin on a wheel
  • Art yarn spinning on a wheel or a spindle
  • Fiber prep and spinning techniques to get the yarn you want

If you would like more information or to book a workshop then please get in touch.

Workshops for fashion and textile students

Occasionally I get asked to run a spinning workshop at schools, colleges and universities. Usually I cover a broader range of skills, so students can get the most from the day. Within a day workshop students will learn the basics of fiber preparation, properties of the materials and a basic understanding of the spinning process, producing a short length of yarn.

Photography by Carwyn Lloyd Jones

One to one spinning lessons

Private Spinning lessons can be arranged within the South Wales area, email me or contact me via Ravelry where you can find me as Rebekkaleigh, or alternatively send me a tweet on twitter @rebekkaleigh.