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My first yarn giveaway competition

Posted on Apr 25, 2013 by in Knitting, Life | 26 comments

In celebration of my fantastic new website, and also getting some new chicks (again) I’ve decided that it was about time that I gave something away.  So as part of my new quarterly giveaways I’ve decided to put a skein of my hand spun up for grabs.

so what do you have to do in order to be in with a chance of winning? Well here in lies the fun part.

Remember, I just mentioned that I have new chicks? Well one of them needs a name…

So far I’ve managed to name three out of four chicks but I thought I would be a bit of fun for someone else to name one for me, afterall there are only so many names I can think of,  so here come a few rules.

  1. I need a Hen and a Rooster name, as I’m not sure if he/she is a hen or a cockerel, so don’t forget to post 2 names in your comment box.
  2. Be creative, Formal titles are also acceptable and a good laugh, for example I have one hen called “Lady Bumfuff” and another “Lady Von Poofy Head” the wackier the better!!
  3. please post name entries in a comment box on this tread  and not my Facebook page.
  4. No rude or crude names, although I will moderate the posts.
  5. The following names are/were taken by my flock and cannot be repeated:
  • Dotty
  • Betty
  • Deirdre
  • Flo (Florence)
  • Vera
  • The Amazing Olive
  • Barbra
  • Lady Bumfluff
  • Hilda
  • Mavis the Magnificent
  • Lady Von Poofy Head
  • Buffy the Worm Slayer

And the names of past flock members:

  • Mildred
  • Welshcake
  • Cinio (welsh for Dinner)
  • Yoda
  • Cluck Norris

And that’s about it really; I’m not going to make it compulsory for you to like my Facebook fan page, although if you do want to the link is here however that’s totally up to you.

The competition will run for 1 month so from April 25th until May 25th. The entries will then be judged and selected by the guys at hoffi and the winner will be announced on my blog and Facebook page within one week after the competition has ended.

So here’s a picture of the little chick that needs a name…



And here’s the Yarn thats up for grabs



Yarn info:

Name the Chick Handspun

100% Merino

Bulky weight

76 Mtrs/ 83 Yds


So have fun thinking of names and goodluck!!


  1. Rumpelstiltskin/Rapunzel (sorry, just had to be fibre-related in some way!)

  2. This is such fun – I love naming competitions and to have the honour of trying to name a live chicken! Well – it takes the biscuit.

    I would name a girl – NeeNeeNougat
    I would name a boy – PiebaldPercy

    A x

  3. We have four chickens and I wanted to name them Vindaloo, Korma, Massala and Tikka but hubby wasn’t keen lol 🙂

    Cacciatore is also good and all the names can be used for either male or female 🙂

    We ended up with Martha, Dora, Ethel and Betsy 🙂

  4. Lovely site! Gorgeous yarn and chickens!

    My suggestions are:

    ~ Sgt Fizz-widget the incredible
    ~ Queen Bopbop (Bopbop is what I always called chickens when I was little because that’s the noise they look like they should make when they move!)


  5. 1. Penelope Cluckstop
    2. Widget

    yeah I know 😉 and this from the woman who named her hamster Aloysius P Gutbucket the third (king)

  6. You could name her Mrs Tweedy after the Chicken Run film

    or Atilla the Hen,

    or how about Dora the eggsplora

  7. Never normally do competitions but love this one (and put it on FB for 10 Parishes Festival)

    Name choice – Hetty Iboff (Iboff standing for Itty Bitty Ball Of Fluff)

    PS. Did Cinio (welsh for Dinner) get eaten?

    • Hi Sue, thanks for spreading the word on Facebook. Cinio was invited to dinner because he was very mean and was upsetting my ladies in Cluckingham Palace. On the plus side he was very yummy!!

  8. What fun! Your handspun is lovely and such a cute chickie!

    My name choices are Sir Chadwick of Yolkshire and Lady Morning Glory of Bawkington.

  9. I was thinking
    Camilla Parker Fowles
    Charles, Duke of Clucksley

  10. Simply I would call them Cicciobello and Cicciabella.

  11. Love the idea! Glad to hear the chucks are getting on well. Here’s my two penn’wth:

    For a boy – Cap’n Beaky (from the song)
    For a girl – Dory (the fish in Finding Nemo, voiced magnificently by Ellen)

  12. Barbie and Ken. We used to play with them, remember?

  13. For him – Cock au vin diesel (a burly lad who’s going to be eaten at some point)

    For her – Queen Chicktoria (I”m sure she’ll rule the roost )

    Great fun xx

  14. Lady Jemma puddle duck the 3rd and Sir Barney the purple dinosaur the 2nd

  15. My daughters say –
    Lord Poofle
    Madame Au Lay

    Lovely yarn!

  16. Awwww… so cute! There are some amazing choices for you already, may I add cluckbuster for a boy and ismelda for a beautiful girl. 🙂

  17. 1- cynthia

    2- myfanwy


  18. Chicken Licken or Henny Penny (old favourites)

    Sweet and Sour

    Doodle and Clucky

  19. If its a girl Miss Beaky or Miss Cluck Cluck and if its a boy Master Beaky or Master Cluck Cluck.

  20. Princess Fritatta OR

    Sir Crowsalot

  21. For a girl: Millicent Bobos
    For a boy: OodleBoodle Von Doodle

  22. Ellie Mae
    Uncle Jedd

    (been on a Bev Hillbillies kick lately)

  23. I would love to have a rooster named “General Gau”. For a lady, you could call her “Chu-ji”, which is the English phonetic of Chinese for “newly hatched chicken”!

  24. Its taken me long enough so here you go:

    Lord Diablo and Lady Pom Pom.

  25. Thanks everyone for your entries, The winner will be revealed next week, and the winning name, be it a boys or a girls will also be revealed.

    I hope you had fun thinking of names and I’m sure I’ll have to think of something else just as mad for Augusts give away 🙂


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