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My new blog, but what should I write about…

Posted on Jan 7, 2010 by in Spinning | 0 comments

Well its the start of a new era for me: my own blog I mean. Having been pestered for probably years by my now hubby. I finally caved in and like him have began to scribble my ideas down for all to read.

So I guess I should say a little more about me and what I do, probably the first thing I should get off my Chest is that I’m a yarn whore. I love it!!! I have nearly a whole room dedicated to my stash along with other crafty bits and bobs. Recently I began to spin my own, in fact only today I finished a skein of two tone pure merino. I haven’t been spinning for very long, hubby paid for my spinning lessons as a Christmas prezzie (and also bought me some hand carders), so I think I’m pretty much set up at the moment. Hubby had a few reservations about letting me spin yarn. I seem to remember him telling me that the stash I have right now will most probably outlive me, but I can’t help it! I hoard until I get an idea to use a specific yarn.

Knitting is another one of my obsessions, from my very first ugly jumper to the ever increasing UFO’s that lie in the black hole that is my UFO box. (Unfinished Object for those of you who were wondering.) In my defense I do like to have a few projects on the go, so they all get an equal turn and eventually end up getting finished.

Im going to finish my first blog post with a picture of my lovely new squishy merino skein, yum yum

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