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Name the chick -The winner

Posted on Jun 10, 2013 by in Knitting, Life, Spinning | 0 comments

Ok firstly I just want to thank everyone who entered my name the chick competition and for all the fantastic names that were suggested both for a hen and a rooster. The chicks have grown enormously since my original post back in April, as you can see from the cover picture.

Secondly I also have to apologise for this entry being late but as you read on you will realise why this has happened,

The little chick in question was indeed a rooster and the team at Hoffi were busy deciding on his name, however before a conclusion could be reached tragedy struck, my sweet little rooster for reasons unbeknown to us had sadly passed away in the nesting box. I’m at a loss to understand why this has happened, but I have been told that chicks can be lost  suddenly and for no apparent reason. it still doesn’t help to know this and I still miss him running to greet me, sitting on my chair as soon as I’d gotten up  (as per the picture) and his louder than life crows.

I’d known for a while that he was a rooster as his wattles and comb had grown very large, his mannerisms were also rooster like and he used to keep the other chicks in order. What melted my heart was that he would come to me and sit and eat out of my hand, there wasn’t an ounce of aggression towards me, which after my Yoda experience reaffirmed my faith that there are friendly roosters out there.

Anyhow, after this happened I needed to think about what I was going to do for the competition, do I pick a rooster name for a chick that I’ve lost or do I rename one of my other chicks?

I decided that the latter would be fitting as my little rooster will always be know to me as “Mr Roo” (my nickname for him whilst we waited throughout the competition). So it would be on a more jolly and happier note if I renamed one of my little hen chicks. I decided to rename “Buffy the Worm Slayer” as the name did not really suit her personality, in fairness looking back on it I can probably agree as she isn’t the bravest of the flock so being given such a fearless title probably wasn’t so becoming.

Heres a picture of The hen that has now been renamed and her new name………

photo (9)


“Hello, My name is……….HETTY IBOFF “(Itty bitty ball of fluff)

Congratulations to Sue Mitchinson who has not only named a hen in Cluckingham Palace but has also won a skein of Handspun yarn.

Thanks also to everyone who took their time to enter the competition and suggest such fantastic names and keep tuned for my next give away in August.


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