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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

Posted on Jun 20, 2010 by in Life | 0 comments

Oh I do like to be beside the sea, with my knitting in my hand, watching hubby fall on the sand, beside the seaside, beside the sea.

Ok thats the most singing you’ll ever get out of me 🙂

As you’ve probably guessed I’m at the seaside today. It’s an interesting story you see because recently hubby and my big bro have decided to take up kite boarding. So this means whenever there is a sniff of nice weather me and my sister-in-law Liz get taken on a beach outing all day!!

It’s not all bad spending a day at the beach, last time we decided to beach-comb for shells and do our impression of Baywatch babes running along the beach….It was very scary for the onlookers, but there’s only really so much you can do, did I mention I’m as white as a bed-sheet and swim like a stone-fish? so sunbathing and swimming is a definite no no. So this time I’ve come prepared, that’s right whilst hubby and bro are ploughing the beach with their kite flying L plates on, I’ll be lurking with my knitting and my camera, poised and ready to take those d’oh moments, after-all it is my wifely duty to ensure hubby (and other various social networking sites) get to see where he’s going wrong heh!

So I managed to take some photo’s of hubby’s and big bro’s kiting adventure and even managed to capture hubby making a bid for freedom via video down the beach. But in the meantime here are some photos of them getting their butts kicked by a kite.

Big bro on butt…

Hubby admitting defeat, (either that or he’s practicing the new extreme technique….. laid back kite flying).

I think hubby put in a good effort today for his second go, although he did suffer his first battle wound….
aaahhh, bless! maybe next time he’ll wear some proper shoes 🙂

Whilst all the crazy kite activities were going on I was happily say on my towel guarding all the bags, I’m working on some alligator mittens from the stitch ‘n’ bitch nation book and heres a piccy that hubby managed to take when he wasn’t three miles down the beach 🙂

OK, so I didn’t sit on my butt all the time I did get up now and then and sneak a go of liz’s little learner kite. Well you can’t go to the beach and not have a go can you?

By the time we packed up and got into the car, big bro was the proud owner of a buggy via Ebay. Thing is its local pick-up only. Ah well guess we’re off to Birmingham next weekend!!

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