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Out with the old in with the New Noddy

Posted on Jan 11, 2010 by in Spinning | 0 comments

When I started to learn to spin yarn, I was told that there would be a few basic bits and bobs that I’d need to make my spinning life a little easier. The first being a Niddy Noddy, so I could wind off my newly spun yarn from the bobbin on my spinning wheel and make it into a luurvly yummy skein.

So after describing one, my hunter gatherer hubby hunted, gathered and robbed a broom handle from his parents shed. (shhhh! his mother hasn’t noticed its gone yet!!!)

Did I mention I love all handmade things? good so keep this in mind when you see the picture below. Sure its rough and ugly looking but it’s Mine, if I could only get hubby to sand it for me and make it pretty looking.

OK 3 weeks later and my Niddy Noddy still looks like this…

So in a desperate attempt to make sure that my ever filling bobbins would eventually be wound off, I lurked on Ebay and am now a proud owner of a lovely brand spankey new hand turned ready to use Niddy Noddy…

Isn’t it pretty? and its all MINE!!!!! Aaah the wonders of Ebay. I wonder if they sell project finishing Hubby’s, because i’m still waiting for my handmade lazy kate 🙂 come on hubby get back up the shed!!!!

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