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Raiders of the lost fluff.

Posted on Jan 31, 2010 by in Spinning | 0 comments

Today I decided to forage in my spare room, for what I hear you ask? well I’ve been slowly but surely increasing my fibre stash and now cometh the time to DESTASH! I know, I know nothing good can come of this, but I beg to differ on this occasion I have a really good feeling. But first, I’ve got to find the damn fluff!

Eventually, I managed to find a mirage of colours. Orange, Blue, Lilac, Pink, White and Grey. All merino apart from the white, which is BFL (Blue Faced Leicester).Firstly I spun two singles, and after a while of continuous stop starting plying wise, the end result is a cheerful rainbow-esk array of colours. I love the texture of the twists.

Here’s a few photos of my lovely new yarn..

And here’s another one..

And finally..

So to cap it off, not all destashing is a bad thing, apart from the plying part. Maybe I’ll wait until I get my bigger flyer before I subject my wheel to that much art yarn again. Now comes the hard part….bringing myself to put it on Etsy!!!

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