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This was my first sock!

Posted on Mar 30, 2010 by in Knitting | 0 comments

I say was, because unfortunately its been sock-napped. Yes it has honestly, now at this point I suppose I could be really creative in describing the events proceeding up to its abduction, but unfortunately I’m not really that good at creative writing so I’m just going to tell you that hubby stole it.

One minute it was being sewn up, next its disappeared! Only for me to see hubby sitting on the sofa in a gollum-esk manner talking about his “precious” (sock that is!!)

Here’s a photo of hubby, “his sock” and his hairy leg:

It’s not all bad I suppose, after all when you think about it how many women knit things for their partners that never see the light of day, hundreds? thousands? And then, theres the jumper curse to consider. I guess I should be lucky that he’s taken an interest in wearing something that I’ve made, even though it was meant for me as the pattern clearly stated “Ladies sock pattern”.

This is what I get for having the same size feet I guess, at least they’ll be worn and appreciated. However I’d just like to point out in the unlikely event of Sauron and a Mass Horde of Orkes being summoned I’d just like to take this opportunity to say ” I KNOW NOTHING!!”

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