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When Roosters Attack!!

Posted on Mar 28, 2013 by in Life | 2 comments

You can probably guess from the title of this post whats been going on at Cluckingham palace. Firstly let me just explain that  as far as his rooster duties go, he’s a complete sweetie. He calls the girls when he finds a treat, tells them when its bedtime, breaks up squabbles and ah-hem! takes his chicken loving quite seriously. We’ve had Yoda since he was a 2 week old chick and up until recently hes been fine.  Problems began to occur when hubby was dusting the hens two weeks ago, Yoda took it upon himself to launch a feathery attack against him and ended up leaving “his mark”.

At first hubby pushed Yoda to get him away from him but, cockerels see that as fighting back so he remembered that when roosters do attack the best way to de-sensitise them is to pick them up and give them a cuddle. After this Yoda settled back down and all was well again, or so we thought!!

A few days later I was in the coop paying my girls attention like I normally do, hand-feeding a few of them when, ATTACK!! Yoda launches himself across the run at me, it was safe to say that my jaw hit the floor in shock! I knew not to fight back so lifted my foot to shield my leg but he just kept flying at me, I did what anyone would have done and headed for the door, then I thought hang on a second no jumped up chicken is going to chase me out and turned around, picked him up and gave him a cuddle, not the best idea because as soon as I put him back down it was round two…ding ding!

I decided to “chicken” out and legged it through the door, he did his waltz and strutted a few times to declare his victory. I read up on rooster psychology after the attack and the best advice is to back down when you see your rooster feeling threatened, after all, in all fairness he was only protecting his girls and in that sense he does a really good job, it’s just a shame that he decides to do this every time I go in to give them fresh food and water.

Anyway it says to back down and walk away slowly, don’t walk towards them and if you have food feed them as apparently they don’t associate other roosters as food givers. Fighting back with a rooster apparently means that you are confirming their suspicions that you yourself are a rooster and by doing this you are both taking part and confirming their “delusions” because seriously!! apart from the hair, I look nothing like a chicken!!

More days went past and another attack happened when I went in to change the water, the next few days meant that I went into the coop with a pocket bulging full of corn, every time he edged closer to me I threw corn which distracted him from me. At this point I decided that it was time to say bye bye to Yoda in the sense that he is to become Sunday’s roast dinner. The plan of action is to kill him on Good Friday, let him hang for a day and then dress him on saturday afternoon. He won’t be the first mean chicken that has become a cooked dinner here at Cluckingham Palace and I have a feeling that he won’t be the last either.

The great Sunday roast is fastly approaching the first part of the process has begun as we’ve had to seperate Yoda from the girls and make sure that he “fasts” as this will ensure that no food will spoil inside him while hes being hung.

From the looks of this photo, hes not best pleased with his new holiday home, on the plus side look how plump he is!!

photo (8)




  1. Poor old Yoda, it’s a shame he doesn’t know on which side his bread is buttered. He looks very tasty:)

  2. It took me two hours to pluck him this morning, he was a whopper!!

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