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Wonderwool 2011….another success!

Posted on Apr 10, 2011 by in Life | 0 comments

Yesterday I ventured out to Wonderwool Wales which is held at the Royal Welsh Show ground. Me and my travel buddy Snowberrylime, took off at 9am to get there in time for it to open at 10am.

I had a plan…well sort of! I decided that I wanted to try my hand at scouring a fleece, but in order to do this I needed to get there asap before all the good fleeces went.

Unfortunately Veronika was on a fleece ban, and previously I had promised to an “Intervention” if it looked like she was going to give in…..The only problem was I was practically rolling in the fleeces at this point so I totally left her unattended, and eventually she bought fleece….heck! I even went halves with her on a particularly lovely grey Shetland fleece. I also bought a 2nd prize white ultra fine shetland fleece, to spoil myself and my Elizabeth wheel, I plan to wash it and spin it super fine and see how much yardage I get and possibly knit a lace wrap with it.

Heres a Picture of my fleece’s in the bags, their not the best pictures but when the fleeces are washed I’ll take better pictures then.

the Grey Shetland Fleece;

The white Shetland fleece;

The other reason for me to go to Wonderwool this year was to visit my good friend Gypsydancer
as she had a stall there with her fabulous Yarn Bowls and other notions and she kindly offered to display some of my Yarn on her stall…..I kinda felt like a woolly Celebrity, ok well not quite but I was really chuffed to be part of her beautiful stall.

Heres a picture of an unsuspecting Tora with her stall 😀

and here’s a close up of some of my Yarn that was on sale that day, some mixed in with Snowberrylime’s yarns too.

And a close up of my Sheepy sign and my favourite Art-yarn…Goldfish Bowl, with two of Snowberrylime’s yarns in the background.

and one with a few of my yarns in the foreground,

So this years Wonderwool was that little more special to me this time because my yarn was being displayed and sold, onwards and upwards I always say 😀

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