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Wonderwool 2013

Posted on Apr 28, 2013 by in Knitting, Life, Spinning | 1 comment

Yesterday was that time of the year again… Wonderwool Time!! I was a bit naughty last year and didn’t take any photographs so I didn’t end up blogging about it, I was quite mad at myself. This year however I had a plan, to take my big bulky camera so that it could annoy me in the following ways;

  1. Because its huge and bulky to carry
  2. Because it would annoy me even more if I ended up carrying it around and didn’t take any photos

So since I’m writing this, its safe to assume that I was very good and took loads of pictures. ūüėÄ

Lovely Fiber braids on Saras Texture crafts  stall


This was the first year that I didn’t have to drive to Wonderwool as my very nice yarnie and spinny butty Rhian¬†said that she would drive this year. We’ve been over-excited for the past week, “squee-ing” and well, just generally getting hyper at the mention of the words wonder and wool in the same sentence. It was safe to assume that our husbands would be so much happier after this weekend had come and gone.

I’m not sure if you’ve been to Wonderwool before but its easy to spend too much money, like scarily easy!! so this year I decided to hatch a plan, to make a list…. on my list were;

I figured that If I had a plan then I could be good and not end up coming home with things that I “Wanted” and did not¬†necessarily¬†“need”. ¬†My plan was working out brilliantly and I came home with everything on my list that I needed. I also got a few want items, such as fiber braids to spin and laceweight yarns for my ever increasing lace addiction.

It was lovely to see like-minded people coming together and sharing their thoughts and experiences.

IMG_1228 - Version 2

This year wasn’t only about going to buy pretty things, it was also about putting faces to names and friends that I’ve had the opportunity to chat or tweet with on twitter. ¬†Helen from Nellie and Eve, who shares an affinity for spinning and chickens was one of the people that I wanted to say hello to. There were lovely peg loom,¬†hand-spun¬†yarns and¬†hand-knitted¬†goodies, but most of all it was lovely to have a chat offline with someone that I had met online ūüôā

Helen from Nellie and Eve


It was also great to catch up with old friends too, Eirwen from Knitwitches yarns and Lynne from Calon yarns were a few of the many familiar faces that I stopped and had a chat to.

This year was definitely my favourite, lots of laughs, great company, yummy cake and great conversations with like minded people, I can’t wait for next year.



1 Comment

  1. Great to have met you at the lovely Wonderwool. Must become a more regular visitor to ravelry.
    Best wishes

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